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Sivas airport car hire
Our car hire from Sivas airport gives you the flexibility of being able to tour around the city of Sivas and Turkey at your own leisure. Don’t miss out on any attractions and sites from the city of Sivas.

Sivas airport
Our local Sivas airport offices are based nearby and our car hire can be delivered as requested so if you are on holiday in Sivas airport or on business in the city of Sivas Turkey, you can have complete peace of mind when hiring a car from medusacarhire that it will be there and on time.

Air transport provides, as a necessity of civil aviatation, Management of Airfield, application of field service, payment of air traffic control service, installation and management of navigation service, installation and management of these services and increase the level of modern aviatation.
Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport is opened for the air traffic in 1957 in order to use for the sake of NATO for military reasons. In 1990, the station, 2217m2,  established by DHMİ in order to serve for the civil air traffic.

Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport was closed for the air traffic in 31.01.2002 with the decision of council of minister, and reopened to the air traffic in 17.10.2003 by council of minister.

For restoration and widening of the field, the airport was closed in 15.04.2006. the width of the field was increased to the 45 meter from 30 meter. An original lightening was established and the field paved with asphalt. The field is the second longest field of Turkey with its 3811x45 meter size. İt has the capacity of 8760 planes and a new taxi road, named Apron and Pist, is established with the capacity of 5 plane, sized 120x240 and comissioned in 22.12.2006.

Our new station building, which was comissioned in 18.12.2010, has 2.000.000 capacity of pasanger. With its unique architecture, our station building was built as a modern site that meet the ecpectation of airport standarts.